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Comparision of ceramic and acrylic teeth Research Paper

Comparision of ceramic and acrylic teeth - Research Paper ExampleThe ceramic or porcelain teeth were the first to be used for making denture or false teeth. Porcelain teeth are comparatively hard and likely to fracture as they are made of ceramic materials. For instance, the hardness of the material may cause a loss of occlusal vertical dimension as the ceramic exerts its direct forces to the underlying bones; and its continuous touch with tongue during speech my cause disturbing clicking sound (Rahn, Plummer, and Ivanhoe,11). Obviously the hardness of the ceramic teeth will cause damage to remaining natural teeth and underlying residual ridge. Other disadvantages include its higher potential for marginal staining due to capillary leakage, possibility of dangerous abrasion to natural teeth or gold crowns etc; and as far as its feasibility is concerned, it is difficult to implant where available space is minimal (Sarandha, 107).However, there are certain factors that make ceramic teeth unique. For instance, the hardness of the ceramic teeth is less likely to cause occlusal vertical dimension caused by wear of denture teeth (Rahn, Plummer, and Ivanhoe, 11). In addition, these teeth are clinically efficient and will maintain communication efficiency for years and will ensure better retention of surface polish and finishing.Porcelain teeth can also be made with a metal assimilation which usually known as metal-ceramic restoration of denture. Other practices include all-ceramic restoration, porcelain-gold restoration, and metal crown restoration.Acrylic teeth or resin teeth are made from polymers and are comparatively softer than ceramic teeth. The most important ingredient contained in acrylic teeth is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin. Multiple methyl methacrylate molecules are joined by a linking agent and forms resilient plastics (PMMA) which has a net like structure. Therefore, they are less wear resistant and cause little damage to the

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